‘sort of.

This video was recorded by my gallerist, Alan Avery, through my studio window.   This was shot over a number of days as I painted “Last Tamarind Birds” for my Conjuring Secrets solo show.   The editing was done by the gallery administrator, Amy Patterson.

There are shots of other paintings through this video as well, but the production work is for that one piece.

My medium and process is very unique, and I’m usually very tight lipped about it.   This one is out there though, thanks to the gallery, so here you go (or peer through my studio window yourself)!

The bit that most people really like is my use of a “sling” to hang over my work.  Since I work mostly with the canvas horizontal on the floor, I need a way to reach the whole canvas even if the canvas is larger than I am.   So I hang over the painting and move it underneath my body as I work.

I hope you like it.  Send me a note if you’d like to talk about anything.