S T U D I O  N O T E S

The Rock Color Process

One of the questions I get most often is “How do you color the volcanic rock?”

In my painting process, each individual grain of rock is pigmented (colored) before it goes onto the canvas. I use larger grains and very fine grains and grain sizes in between. In all cases, each grain has its own coloration before it gets used. 

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BHS: Bob Landstrom on Conjuring Secrets


‘sort of.

This video was recorded by my gallerist, Alan Avery, through my studio window.   This was shot over a number of days as I painted “Last Tamarind Birds” for my Conjuring Secrets solo show.   The editing was done by the gallery administrator, Amy Patterson. 

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Conjuring Secrets Opening at AAACO

To all of those who attended the opening of my solo show at Alan Avery Art Company, Thank you so much!

To all of you who sent well wishes, Thank you so much too!

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"In the Studio" Interview with Bob Landstrom